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Academic Preparation

This is where your journey begins!

College Match

Are you struggling to determine which schools to apply to, or your list doesn’t even exist? Let us help you College Match!

College Application

Want the learn the best strategies for filling out any college application? Are you wondering what information to include? Find out here!

College Essays & Personal Statements

Are you ready to write? Personal statements are a lot easier than you think! Allow me to help you edit so you stand out and admission readers clearly understand your background and experiences.

SAT/ACT Preparation

Tests are necessary in all admissions processes. The more prepared you are to take them, the more competitive you will be as an applicant!

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

FAFSA Help!! Scholarship Resources!! Learn how to successfully access and apply for FREE money available.

Choosing A School

You’ve completed the College Match, applied to schools, and now it’s time to determine where to go after receiving admissions decisions. HOORAY!

Transition To College

You have now gotten into college! Congrats!

But before you step foot on campus or move on campus, there are a few things you should think about.

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