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Greetings Visitors!

I’m happy to announce the launch of DAISY Consulting, LLC. This has been a vision of mine for a couple years, and I’m excited to offer 8 excellent services that will propel you and your family into the college of your dreams! It is my ultimate desire to help you reach your academic, personal, and financial goals.

Click here to visit YouTube video link: DAISY Consulting on YouTube!

Start TODAY with a FREE 30-minute consultation!!

Email: daisyoliverconsulting@gmail.com





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  1. I’m so excited and proud of this dream coming into fruition! It shall be a great success! There is a great need for this service and those you serve shall achieve their dreams!

    1. Thanks so Much!! Let’s connect again soon and catch up, and please refer me to anyone you think is interested :)

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